Vm monitoring configuration issues, powercli VS vsphere client 5.0 without u1

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  if you are using vsphere client 5.0 downlaoded from VC 5.0 without update1 you might want to check this


I was writing some script for automating vm monitoring within clusters and after 2 days i was totally confused because my script was doing things in different way compared to vsphere client. After some testing i finally know what is causing this. You might want to check if your client is affected, so far i noticed that when using vsphere client 5.0.0  455964.

I have written everythign that i have noticed about this issue in link the link above.

Powercli 1:0 vsphere client

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I hope that this will save some people time. If you find this issue in different vsphere client please make a comment.

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I was not sure if this post should go here or to general section in forum, as it was related to my powercli findings i decided to post it here, please move if it should not be here.

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