VM.NetworAdapter and VM.HardDisk properties deprecated


I have a big issue after update to PowerCLI 6.3

I have a script that collects information about all my VMs in different vcenters (Name, Domain, Memory, CPU, space used, network names, IPs, harddrives and so on)

$vm.NetworAdapters and $vm.HardDisks properties have been deprecated.

So now I have to use $vm | get-networkAdapters and $vm | get-harddisks.
This has increased the time for my script from some hours to some days!!

A example of the code :

foreach($vm in (get-vm)) {

if ((($vm | Get-NetworkAdapter).count -eq 0) -and (($vm | Get-HardDisk).count -eq 0) -and ($vm.PowerState -eq 'PoweredOff')){}


$VMs = "" | select Name, "Guest ID", "Num CPU", MemoryGB, Host, Id, NicNumber, HardDiskNumber, HardDisks, IPs, Nets, Platform,Provisioned,Used,Domain

$VMs.Platform = 'VMWare'

$VMs.Name = $vm.Name

$VMs.NicNumber = ($vm | Get-NetworkAdapter).coun [...]

The 'if statement' is to not include SRM VMs in the list (and avoid duplicated VMs).

So I would like to :

- Reduce the list of VMs, not including SRM VMs in get-vm. But I don't know how to do it without NetworkAdapter property (get-vm | where {($_.NetworkAdapter).count -eq 0 .... doesn't work any more).

- See how to improve the performance that I lost with this new commands instead of properties.

Thanks so much in advance.


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These numbers are still there, just not exported anymore to the .Net object.

Try like this

foreach($vm in (Get-VM | where{$_.ExtensionData.Summary.Config.NumEthernetCards -ne 0 -and

                                $_.ExtensionData.Summary.Config.NumVirtualDisks -ne 0})){



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