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Unable to add advanced settings to .VMX file via PowerCLI (VM hardening)

My question is, why can't I set the following six settings via PowerCLI or other means (besides just manually writing them to the .vmx file)?

These six settings do not take when set via PowerCLI (although it appears that they are set):

(Why can't these three be set to ensure the corresponding device cannot be added to the VM?)

ideX:Y.present    FALSE

parallelX.present    FALSE

serialX.present    FALSE

(Persistent is the default option for disks, but for some reason isn't listed in the .vmx file. Why can't this setting be present for verification purposes? )

scsiX:Y.mode    persistent

(I don't know why these two settings won't take. Anyone have any ideas?)

logging    TRUE

tools.syncTime    0

By comparison, the following settings are set just fine via PowerCLI:

isolation.bios.bbs.disable    TRUE

isolation.device.connectable.disable    TRUE

isolation.device.edit.disable    TRUE

isolation.ghi.host.shellAction.disable    TRUE

isolation.monitor.control.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.autoInstall.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.copy.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.diskShrink.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.diskWiper.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.dispTopoRequest.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.dnd.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.getCreds.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.ghi.autologon.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.ghi.launchmenu.change    TRUE

isolation.tools.ghi.protocolhandler.info.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.ghi.trayicon.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.guestDnDVersionSet.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.hgfsServerSet.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.memSchedFakeSampleStats.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.paste.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.setGUIOptions.enable    FALSE

isolation.tools.trashFolderState.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.unity.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.unity.push.update.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.unity.taskbar.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.unity.windowContents.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.unityActive.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.unityInterlockOperation.disable    TRUE

isolation.tools.vmxDnDVersionGet.disable    TRUE

log.keepOld    10

log.rotateSize    100000

remoteDisplay.maxConnections    1

time.synchronize.continue    0

time.synchronize.restore    0

time.synchronize.resume.disk    0

time.synchronize.resume.host    0

time.synchronize.shrink    0

time.synchronize.tools.enable    0

time.synchronize.tools.startup    0

tools.guestlib.enableHostInfo    FALSE

tools.setinfo.sizeLimit    1048576

vmci0.unrestricted    FALSE

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Did you make those changes to the VMX while the VM was powered off ?

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