Script to Clone VM's

We are running esx3.5 and VC 2.5, and I am looking for a script which will allow me to clone virtual machines to a different datastore, I need to clone several virtual machines to a new datastore. Its for a DR exercise. All VM's will be running.

So my first question is there a script where I can clone several VM's to a different datastore.

Also if a VM has 3 virtual disks on different datastores, how will this affect the cloning, will it clone all 3 disks as 3 different virtual disks on this different datastore.

Also I have some VM which have raw disks , how will the cloning affect this, will the script clone this raw disk as well.

Also is there a limit on how many VM's can be cloned at one time, as I want to clone as many VM's via the script in one hit. Is this possible, does it depend on the resources available on the ESX and VC.

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Please have a look at this one:

Or this:


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