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Scheduled Tasks on several VMs

Hello everybody,

I have a question about scheduled tasks - hopefully I'm in the right place for that kind of questions:

Is it possible to assign a scheduled task to more than one vm in vCenter? Straight to the point: I want to reset several vms in the same folder at a specific time. But I can only find the option to do it one by one, which is a pain in the a** with about 100 vms within this folder.

Thanks guys!




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This thread would probably be best placed in the PowerCLI area


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There are no PowerCLI cmdlets to create a Scheduled Task.
But you can easily call the CreateScheduledTask method from PowerCLI.
I have some blog posts on the subject, for example Scheduled Tasks – MethodAction

As you can read in the description of the CreateScheduledTask method "If the task is associated with a folder, a datacenter, a compute resource, or a resource pool, it applies to the virtual machine or host descendants of the entity"

So it is a matter of finding an object under which those 100 vms are located.
In your case that would be a Folder if I understand your question correctly

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