Removing vib fails saying [NoMatchError]

A colleague asked me to remove a vib called 'smx-provider' from all our ESXi hosts. I found a few examples to do this with PowerCLI.
As v1 of Get-EsxCLI throws a warning about it being deprecated, I'm trying to do it with the -V2 switch. I cannot get it to work though.

An extremely simplified version of my script:

$VibName = "smx-provider"
$VMHost = Get-VMHost "ESX.FQDN"
$esxcli = Get-EsxCli -VMHost $VMHost -V2
$vib = $ | Where-Object {$_.Name -match $VibName }
$esxcliRemoveVibArgs = $
$esxcliRemoveVibArgs.dryrun = $true       #Change this to $false to actually perform the uninstall
$esxcliRemoveVibArgs.vibname = $vib.Name

fails with:
Message: EsxCLI.CLIFault.summary;
InnerText: [NoMatchError] No VIB matching VIB search specification 'smx-provider'. Please refer to the log file for more details.EsxCLI.CLIFault.summary

$vib is populated with that smx-provider, so I don't understand why there's no match when removing it.
What am I missing??

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Since you are doing a DryRun, do you get the same error when selecting another vib that is present?

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I changed $VibName to "sut" (=Integrated Smart Update Tools for VMware ESX), and that resulted in:

Message : Dryrun only, host not changed. The following installers will be applied: [BootBankInstaller]
RebootRequired : true
VIBsInstalled :
VIBsRemoved : {HPE_bootbank_sut_701.}
VIBsSkipped :

I assume this is the correct result. I was evaluating my code in our test environment, and I assume there must be something wrong with the host I was working with.
So I switched to one of our prod vCenters. Should be OK with the dryrun set to $true... Suspicion confirmed: there's nothing wrong with my code. It's just that non-prod ESXi host acting funny.

Case closed, sorry to have bothered everyone 😊

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