Powershell script to deploy templates from VC 4.1

I have a set of 5 VM's that make up a demo environment. I need to figure out a way to deploy them via PowerCLI from an existing template but I do NOT want to use a customization scheme. All the powershell examples that I have found seem to use/expect a customization script.

My ultimate goal is to take these 5 VM;s and put them into a vApp and deploy from a gold master vApp but I'm not sure if I can deploy from a template to a empty vApp.


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You are not obliged to use a OSCustomizationspec if you don't want/need to.

Just use something like this with the New-VM cmdlet

New-VM -Name MyVM -Template MyTemplate ....

And by adding the -VApp parameter you can add those new VMs to your virtual appliance.

Something like

New-vApp -Name MyvApp ...

New-VM -Name MyVM1 -Template MyTemplate1 -vApp MyvApp ....

New-VM -Name MyVM2 -Template MyTemplate2 -vApp MyvApp ....

New-VM -Name MyVM3 -Template MyTemplate3 -vApp MyvApp ...


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