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Powercli way to read brocade switch info's?

After reading the great article from nim van Lieshout and this unstable experience with the broacade plugin, i thought maybe the brocade switch port info's

could be read through powershell.


Did is anyone ? After researching goolge, i didn't find infos about powershell and brocade. Could it be that the brocade switch could only be managed by ssh ?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Afaik there's no way to retrieve info from Brocade switches using an SDK.

You can use SSH (Using a SSH wrapper function in PowerShell) or retrieve information through SNMP.

U can use nsoftware's Get-Snmp and Set-Snmp cmdlets, that are available as part of their NetCmdlets, but it's NOT a free product.

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If you already have SCOM 2007 R2 you can also have a look at the xSNMP Extensions, they are free and have support for Brocade switches.

From there you can use PowerShell to get the values

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