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PowerCLI script for removing and adding RDMs

Trying to come up with a script or scripts that do the following.

Having trouble getting it to work.

I have two VMs (Node A and Node B) in a MSCS cluster both with physical mode RDMs attached.  

1.  Takes note of what the RDM paths are and then removes all RDMs from A and B , not deletes off the disk, just removes from configuation

2.  Powers down both VMs

3.  SVmotions vms to new storage

4.  Puts the RDMS back that were removed in step one to node A and B

4.  Reads a txt file with naa ids and creates Physical rdms from all of them on node A as well as creating an LSI controller in physical bus sharing mode and assigning a SCSI controller id.

5.  Creates the same RDMs on node B that we just made on node A but uses the existing pointer and the same SCSI id.

6.  Powers up Node A, waits 20 seconds then powers up node B

I've searched the forums and what I've found doesn't really work for me.

Any ideas or can you point me in the right direction?


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What do you have so far ?

And where do you have a problem ?

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