PowerCLI Core with vCenter 6.5

I'm running PowerCLI Core inside docker container (docker pull vmware/powerclicore).

I'm unable to connect to vCenter running 6.5 U1.

connect-viserver hangs after typing in login credentials and times out after a while with an error.

connect-viserver : 12/21/2017 03:05:46 Connect-VIServer An error occurred whil

e sending the request.

At line:1 char:1

+ connect-viserver -server vcenter

+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Connect-VIServer], ViError

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Client20_ConnectivityServiceImpl_Reconnect_Excep


I have no issues connecting to the same vCenter using PowerCLI 6.2 from Windows box.

There are no issues with PowerCLI Core connecting to vCenters running 6.0.

Does anyone else have the same problem? Thanks.

PS /powershell> $version                                                       

PowerCLI Version


   VMware PowerCLI Core 1.0 build 5327113


Component Versions


   VMware vSphere PowerCLI Component 1.22 build 5327113

   VMware VDS PowerCLI Component 5.1 build 5327113

   VMware VDS PowerCLI Component 1.21 build 5327113

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Unfortunately PowerCLI Core is currently still a Fling, and hence experimental and not officially supported.

On your question, I can connect to my vSphere 6.5 environment without a problem.

Is your connect request blocked anywhere in between? Can you reach for example the VAMI with a curl command?

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Hi Luc,

Thanks for the confirmation that PowerCLI Core works well in your 6.5 environment.

Yes I know PowerCLI Core is experimental, but I found that it works well enough to run most PowerCLI scripts.

It saves me from having to rdesktop to Windows box since my primary desktop is Linux.

Connection is not blocked, curl to vCenter works fine.

Not a huge issue. Must be something specific to our environment.

Thank you.

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One thing to check, the PowerCLI Core only run with PowerShell Core alpha 18 or older.
If you have the PowerShell Core beta, it will not work.

But since you used the VMware provided container, I guess you should be ok on that side.

You should probably see the "Connect-VIServer Ambiguous match" error when your PowerShell Core version is not correct.

Did you already try adding the Verbose switch on the Connect-VIServer?

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