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Pool info using powercli - hv.helper

Looking to get pool information via powercli and the hv.helper module.  I have a pool in a variable $pname ($pname = get-hvpool -poolname "pool's name").  I can use $pname.base.name and it shows the name.   What I am looking to get is the state of the pool (from the General page of the pool (values are enabled or disabled).  Also looking to get if provisioning is disabled or enabled.  However, the property I thought that it would show the state is not showing correct information.  I am using $pname.DesktopSettings.Enabled and it is returning enabled.  This pool is disabled.  I can see it on the General page.  I can run Get-hvpoolsummary -poolname $pname.base.name and it shows enable column for this pool as false.  Any help would be appreciated.

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