OMStat: Stats on deleted from disk VMs

Am I able to do this via powercli?

I have a txt list of deleted VMs that I'd like to report the following metrics for year-end resources reclaimed purposes:

  • VMname
  • Provision RAM
  • Average used RAM
  • Provisioned vCPU
  • Average used RAM
  • Provisioned disk space (GB)
  • Used disk space (GB).

I am okay dropping average used RAM and vCPU. I would think this would be an option to run via powercli but have no idea how to integrate the information from vRealize to powercli other than what I read (and tried) from https://ryanjan.uk/2018/05/16/running-vrops-reports-using-powercli/ . This seems easy enough but I require assistance on this quarterly task.

Get-content servers.txt seems like it needs to be used.

Can OMStat be used to gather stats on deleted vms?

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