Migrating vApps to different datastores via Powershell

Good afternoon all,

Ive created some vApps that are packaged demo sets and everthing is working normally. I am getting ready to upgrade to vSphere 5.0 and I am taking advantage of the downtime to bring online some new storage. I cant find a way to migrate/move the vApp's to a new datastore.. is this even possible?

Has anyone tried to use PowerCLI scripts to move vApps?


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Afaik there is no svMotion for a vApp.

A bypass might be to do a Export-vApp, followed by an Import-vApp with the Datastore parameter.

Circumstantial I know, but it will work.

Another method could be to clone the vApp to the new datastore.

And then remove the old vApp.

See Simon's clone script in Import-Vapp from within the Datastore

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