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Identifying networks available to VM's

I'm trying to determine the networks available to vm's in my cluster. If I run a powershell script with this in it...

Connect-VIServer ServerName

$net = Get-NetworkAdapter -VM "TestVM"

echo $net

MacAddress : 00:50:56:88:02:ed

WakeOnLanEnabled : True

NetworkName : Network1

Type : Flexible

ConnectionState : VMware.VimAutomation.Client20.ConnectInfoImpl

Id : VirtualMachine-vm-594/4000

Name : Network Adapter 1

MacAddress : 00:50:56:98:46:18

WakeOnLanEnabled : True

NetworkName : Network2

Type : Flexible

ConnectionState : VMware.VimAutomation.Client20.ConnectInfoImpl

Id : VirtualMachine-vm-594/4001

Name : Network Adapter 2

My question is, how can I input the value of NetworkName into a variable so that I can do a comparison? Or is there a better way to get the values of NetworkName?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

If your just trying to output the network adapters attached to your vms then using your current script you could do this:

$net = Get-NetworkAdapter -VM "vpedhcp01"

foreach ($networkadapter in $net) {echo $networkadapter.NetworkName}

Are you trying to list each VM in a cluster and then the networks attached to the VM, if so this is fairly easy too?

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

I can't really get your question but hope this helps:

$networkName = "Network1"

$net = Get-NeetworkAdapter -Vm "TestVm" | where {$_.NetworkName -eq $networkName}