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I have Horizon 7.6 and powercli 5.6.1. I have tried to run scripts with no success. At the beginning of this search I had the following commands:
Disconnect all active sessions for a specific user from the domain:

Get-RemoteSession -username mydom \ user | Send-SessionDisconnect

Close all active remote sessions of a specific domain user (this was already passed to you)
Get-RemoteSession -username mydom \ user | Send-SessionLogoff

Close all active remote sessions using the RDP display protocol
Get-RemoteSession -protocol RDP | Send-SessionLogoff

But they don't work for me. Any suggestion?
What I need is, connect to a server (that line already works), get the session ID and disconnect it. I do not want to search for all connected sessions, only what is indicated. I don't know if you can do what I ask without the need for a script.


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