I'm in need a script to get the details server hardware model and installed components information

I'm in need of a PowerCLI script to grab the below information -

When I connect to the vCenter using connect-viserver, it should be able to capture the below information like -

Server Brand (IBM or Lenovo), Host Model, Model Number, CPU Type and then below information too (output in .csv format)

UEFI firmware,

DSA firmware,

IMM firmware,

HBA card model name with driver and firmware,

NIC card model name with driver and firmware,

SSD model name with driver and firmware,

for IBM and Lenovo server models


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You seem to be a regular here, coming and asking for other people to do work for you without having done anything yourself. Not only is this poor etiquette but it's not in the spirit of what a community is supposed to do. I'd highly recommend you read the first article in my signature, and then stop continually asking for others to spoon feed you.

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