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Have you any code that you have done with hv.helper?

I must say that it is very hard to find code snippets that you guys have done qith hv.helper och another powershell modules for Horizon.

I have been working with Citrix for a very long time and i feel that their powershell modules is so much better. 😞

So please, share som code of things you have done to script against Horizon

For example, i just want to change the time i can be logged on into Horizon concole until you are logged or or i want to add a eventDB

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Sorry to hear that the Open Source module VMware.HV.Helper is not up to the standards you are used to.
But since it is open source feel free to submit improvements.

For sample scripts there are quite a few options:

- this VMTN community itself, just use the Search option
- search the VMware {code} Samples repository for Horizon
- multiple blogs on the subject, google PowerCLI and Horizon

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