Get-stat with hung vm cpu process

I am thinking to produce a daily report of vms with hung process -  vms with an average of cpu utilization 80%+ over the last 4 fours is a sign and needs to be look up.

This script will kick off everyday at 5am and sweep 500+ vms, is there anything else I should put in the consideration?

$vm = "abcd"

$statcpu = Get-Stat -Entity $vm -Stat cpu.usage.average -Start (Get-Date).AddHours(-4) -Finish (Get-Date).AddHours(-0)

$Avgcpu = $statcpu | where {$_.Value -ne 0} | Measure-Object -Property value -Average -Maximum | select Average

if ($Avgcpu.Average -gt 80) {write-host $vm}

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Your script is ok, but instead of calling Get-Stat 500+ times, I would only call it once with all 500+ VMs

And then use the Group-Object cmdlet to split the results per VM.

Something like this

$vms = Get-VM

$now = Get-Date

Get-Stat -Entity $vms -Stat cpu.usage.average -Start $now.AddHours(-4) |

Group-Object -Property {$_.Entity.Name} | %{

    $avgCpu = $_.Group | Where {$_.Value -ne 0} | Measure-Object -Property Value -Average |

        Select -ExpandProperty Average

    if($avgCpu -gt 80) {$_.Name}


You will have to change the Get-VM to get the 500+ VMs you want to monitor

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