'Generate Remote Console URL' - a script to create URL's for ALL VM's for Console Web Access

Can this be done in Powershell?

I want to create a list of ALL my VM's in my infrastructure or at a Datacenter level and the URLS for them to use for Remote Console Access in a browser.

The manual way as you can imagine will be long winded.

The manual way is to log into the vCenter Server Virtual Infrastructure Web Access. Drill into the Datacenter the folder levels and Select each VM then choose Generate Remote Console URL. Copy and Paste.

Looking for a script or commands to get me started if this is possible - powershell or other method.

Thanks for any help.


• ESX Server 3.5 U4 • VirtualCenter 2.5 U4 (VM) / MS SQL 2005 (VCDB,VUMDB) • SAN Infrastructure (FC) • NetBackup for VMware • VCB 1.5

My environment:- vSphere 4.1 : • ESX 4.1 Servers • vCenter Server 4.1 (VM) : - Windows Server 2008 64bit - MS SQL 2005 (VCDB/VUMDB) • NetBackup 6.5.5 - VCB 1.5 U1 • FC SAN
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Yes, that is possible.

See the script I attached in

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