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Finding a backing storage container in the vSphere MOB

I'm running into a bit of a pickle trying to automate creation of VVol datastores. The problem seems to be that when a storage container is created, its not immediately available for use. The following code works fine if you wait a minute before the foreach loop, but I'd like to be a bit more deterministic. What I think should happen is I should query the vSphere MOB for the $scid content which shows up as the "backing storage container" when you go through the process of creating the VVol datastore through the web client. However, I can't, for the life of me, find how to find it. The final use will be for vRO, but the IDE there is painful, so mocking up with PowerCLI first.

#Create Storage Container via SF API call

$SFMethodArgs = @{}


$SFAPIResult = Invoke-SFApi -Method "CreateStorageContainer" -Params $SFMethodArgs


The storageContainer ID is not in the format VMware wants it

SolidFire Return: a6af2b22-d468-4d89-b73a-3f53c7390da0

VMware wants: vvol:a6af2b22d4684d89-b73a3f53c7390da0


$SFscid = $SFAPIResult.Values.storageContainerID

$t = $SFscid.Split("-")

$scid1 = -join ($t[0..2])

$scid2 = -join ($t[3..4])

$scid = "vvol:"+$scid1+"-"+$scid2

#Create the VVolDatastoreSpec

$spec = New-Object VMware.Vim.HostDatastoreSystemVvolDatastoreSpec

#Set the name and source ID for the VVol Datastore

$spec.name = $VVolDSName

$spec.scId = $scid

#Build the VMHost DatastoreSystem for all hosts so we can mount the VVol to each host

$VMhosts = Get-Cluster $vSphereCluster | Get-VMHost

#Create the VVol datastore on each host in the cluster

foreach ($VMhost in $VMHosts) {

    $vmhostDS = get-view $vmhost.ExtensionData.ConfigManager.DatastoreSystem

    $vmhostHDS = $vmhostDS.MoRef.ToString()

    $_this = Get-View -Id $vmhostHDS

    Write-Host "Creating VVol datastore $($VVolDSName) on $($vmhost)..." -ForegroundColor DarkGray -NoNewline



I can get the required data using get-datastore, but that only works if a datastore has already been created. Chicken and egg problem there 😉 The data I want is the URL field.

$ds = get-vmhost "ts-vh-07.ts.local" | get-datastore vrotest3


VvolDS                 : VMware.Vim.HostVvolVolume

Name                   : vrotest3

Url                    : ds:///vmfs/volumes/vvol:d0acdc04835844b2-999c2511136ea43e/

FreeSpace              : 276546135785472

MaxFileSize            : 8000000491520

MaxVirtualDiskCapacity : 8000000491520

MaxMemoryFileSize      : 9223372036854775807

Timestamp              : 3/23/2017 4:10:28 PM

ContainerId            :

get-datastore will give me the data I need, but only works for storage containers that have already had a VVol datastore bound to them.

Any help would be appreciated.

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