Export of Security settings - users / roles / permissions from VCENTER


I am currently performing an audit of account access and security settings within our company vcenter. 

I would like to create a script where I can export to a file account settings at each level within vcenter:

roles and their permissions

Roles assigned to accounts / groups


for instance, our company structure is as follows:


       2.     Orange Solutions

               3.   Orange Cluster

                      4.    esx-ihost1

                      5.    esxi-host2

                      6.    esx-ihost3

                      7.    esxi-host4

                                8.   <<80 Virtual machines>>


       I would like to export for each bullet point  (1, 2, 3,4 , 5,6, 7,8):


The level name, the user / group, the role, and where it is defined in

followed by a list of all Roles provider and the privileges each role has.


For instance, for point 3, Orange Cluster, I would like to see:

Level : Orange Cluster

User / Group         Role           Defined in

I would like to generate such a report for each level, from the root (#1) to each individual virtual machine (#8)

All this information is presented visually within the vcenter. There must be a way to export this information to a file rather then do so manually.

My limited understanding is that this information can be exported to a file using PowerCLi, but I have encountered nothing but errors when trying to follow examples others have posted.

Any assistance / guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.






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What did you try and which errors did you encounter?

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