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ESX Host Memory Modules

Is there anyway to pull in information such as the number of memory modules in an esx host and the specs behind the memory?  Similar to what the hardware status tab shows when looking @ a host?

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Provided you have PowerSHell v3, you can use the CIM cmdlets to retrieve that info.

To set up a CIM session see Alan's post Using PowerShell v3.0 CIM cmdlets with VMware ESXi Hosts.

Once you have a CIM session established you can do

Get-CimInstance -CimSession $Session -ClassName CIM_Chip

to get the DIMM info.

Or with a filter and a selected set of properties

Get-CimInstance -CimSession $Session -ClassName CIM_Chip |
where {$_.CreationClassName -eq "OMC_PhysicalMemory" } |
Select BankLabel,Caption,DataWidth,FormFactor,MAnufacturer,PartNumber,SerialNumber,

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