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Disable (Hyper-V) PowerShell Modules

I have a utility server that I use to administer our vSphere environment. I use PowerCLI pretty heavily. We also have a Hyper-V environment and are starting to increase our scripting and automating of that as well.

The problem is that I'm getting cmdlet conflicts.

> gcm -type cmdlet,function,alias | group name | where { $_.count -gt 1 }

(shows about 20 conflicting commands between Hyper-V and PowerCLI (New-VM, Start-VM, Stop-VM, Get-VM, Export-VM, Get-VMHost, etc).

I don't necessarily want to completely eliminate the Hyper-V module from the server as we are starting to use it and that looks to increase. If there was a way to disable it whenever I am starting PowerCLI or running a PowerCLI script, that would probably be the best option.

I have tried things like:

> (Get-Module -Name Hyper-V) | Remove-Module -Force

But while I get no error, it doesn't seem to remove the cmdlets. I get the same results with the gcm command and I continue to get errors due to conflicts.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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In PowerShell v3 and higher modules that are located in any of the directories defined in the $PSModulePath variable are autoloaded.

See paragraph 2 in this document.

You can disable this behavior by using the following setting


You could do something like this in your scripts

$defaultAutoLoad = $PSMmoduleAutoloadingPreference
$PSMmoduleAutoloadingPreference = "none"
Remove-Module -Name Hyper-V

# Do your PowerCLI stuff

# End of the PowerCLI stuff

$PSMmoduleAutoloadingPreference = $defaultAutoLoad

The drawback of this method is that you will have to load other modules, you would require, explicitly in the script with the Import-Module cmdlet.

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