Deploy Linux VM from template with Guest Customization

Based on various forum postings and numerous articles i still haven't completely understood how to achieve the following scenario in a powercli script. any guidance is highly appreciated.


Linux Template - Name: LX-RHEL6x-template

GuestCustomSpec: - Name: static-lx-nw


Linux Template is pre-configured with required HDDs and network adapters. Customization Specs is preconfigured with all settings and expects IP address for adapter1 and adapter 2 is set to DHCP. I have to deploy about 50 VMs in multiple different environments and am trying to script this to ease my deployments.

deploy target:

Cluster Name: QA

Resource Pool: Normal

Datastore: StrgCluster01


CSV file containing following details.


So far i have following script info from one of the discussion thread here however i am not sure how i can achieve the above using this script or how to modify it as i already have netmask etc. predefined in the customspecs.

Import-Csv "C:\Uscripts\NewVMs.csv" -UseCulture | %{

    Get-OSCustomizationSpec $_.Customization | Get-OSCustomizationNicMapping | Set-OSCustomizationNicMapping -IpMode UseStaticIP -IpAddress $_.ip -SubnetMask $_.subnet -DefaultGateway $

    $vm=New-VM -Name $_.Name -Template $_.Template -Host $_.Host -Datastore $_.Datastore -Confirm:$false -RunAsync -OSCustomizationSpec $_.Customization


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At first sight that should work.

The settings in the template will indeed be overrules by the ones in the OSCustomizationSpec.

Do you have any errors or issues with the script ?

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