Deny read access on Event & Tasks tab

I need to deny read/view access to Events tab in Vi Client to users, can it be done ?

I see the EventManager object has the following permission set...so how can i deny System.View on EventManager to a specific user/role.

 EventManager  	 description  	 System.View  
	                 latestEvent  	 System.View  
                       	 maxCollector  	 System.View  

But there's no such option to set permissions on EventManager object itself..

PS C:\> $em | gm

   TypeName: VMware.Vim.EventManager

Name                        MemberType
----                        ----------
CreateCollectorForEvents    Method
Equals                      Method
GetHashCode                 Method
GetType                     Method
get_Client                  Method
get_Description             Method
get_LatestEvent             Method
get_MaxCollector            Method
get_MoRef                   Method
LogUserEvent                Method
PostEvent                   Method
QueryEvents                 Method
RetrieveArgumentDescription Method
SetViewData                 Method
ToString                    Method
UpdateViewData              Method
WaitForTask                 Method
Client                      Property
Description                 Property
LatestEvent                 Property
MaxCollector                Property
MoRef                       Property

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anyone ?

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Try asking at the vCenter community but I don't think this is possible.

If you create a role without System.View you won't be able to see children of folders, so I don't think you'll be able to see anything.


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