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Debugging problem in VM using VS2005


Please, help me with following problem.

I confront with wrinkle when i try to use vmware plugin in visual studio.

When i perform:

Vmware->attach to process ->select virtual machine and press atach button

i got login window, i type login and password after pressed enter two errors occurred:

1 error - "Failed to retrive the operating system type of the virtual machine. Unrecognize handle property identifier."

i pressed "OK" button and second window appear:

2 error - "The operating system of virtual machine is not supported"

in vmware-vsid-1.log i found:

7.02.2009 16:33:16:

07.02.2009 16:33:16: Getting the list of running virtual machines on the host...

07.02.2009 16:33:16: Virtual machine found powered on: Win2003

07.02.2009 16:33:19: VMware Tools has started.

07.02.2009 16:33:26: Login succeeded.

07.02.2009 16:41:45: Error: Failed to retrieve the operating system type of the virtual machine. Unrecognized handle property identifier.

07.02.2009 16:41:45: ERROR: GetGuestOSType(vmHandle, parentWindow, strOSVersion)

07.02.2009 16:41:45: An error occurred in .\utils.cpp at line 530.

07.02.2009 16:41:45: An error has occurred in the application. For more information please see the log file. Its path is listed in the About box.

07.02.2009 16:41:47: Error: The operating system of this virtual machine is not supported.

Why above arror occurred, what i do wrong, how to fix it?

OS description:

host - W2003 R2 SP2

virtual - w2003 SP1

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