DRS Rule - Separate 2 VMs

Hey all,

I have a situation here.

I have (2) VMs which I want to separate among (4) hosts in a DRS cluster. Two of the hosts are in one Cisco UCS and two in another.

The rules should meet following conditions -

1) Both VMs should always be on different hosts (VM Anti-Affinity).

2) Both the VMs at no time should end up on the same Cisco UCS (Vm-Host Rule)

3) VM should not be pinned to one UCS all the time .

I tried creating (2) Host groups for each UCS, and then select "VM must run on" (VM-Host rule) for both VMs.

But that would violate rule 3.

Then I tried creating (2) Host groups, such that each group has (2) hosts from different UCS, And then create the "VM-Host Rule"

But that would violate rule 2. They both may end up in same UCS.

What you guys think?

Any help is appreciated.


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