Can VAAI be leveraged via PowerCLI for file copies from one DS to another?

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I am attempting to automated a fairly repetive task that is very timeconsuming.  Essentially I need to copy VMDKs from one datastore to another.  The fastest way I have found so far is through the vSphere client by using the copy/paste feature within the GUI, my assumption is that it's leveraging VAAI which is why it is so speedy.  I have played with the CopyDatastore-Item CMDlet but leveraging the PS-Drive slows the process down considerably.  Any assistance or other ideas of how this could be approached would be most appreciated!

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Afaik there is currently no direct support for using VAAI in the PowerCLI cmdlets.

But with the CloneVM and RelocateVM methods you can specify the DiskMoveType property with one of the values from the VirtualMachineRelocateDiskMoveOptions enumeration.

If you specify moveAllDiskBackingsAndAllowSharing, the clone or move should be using VAAI.

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