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Add users to ESX using New-VMHostAccount cmdlet with AD Authentication enabled Hosts

In our VMware environment all ESX hosts have Active Directory Authentication with ESX Server Enabled.

Basically we did ssh to all ESX and run # esxcfg-auth --enablead --addomain=mydomain.com --addc=DC1.mydomain.com

To add the user we run # useradd ConsoleUser As per

This is working great; admins are using same account and password to log-on to VC end ESX host, however when we need to change or add new user we have to log-on to 30 ESX Hosts and manually add or modify local account.

I want to ask is it possible to use new cmdlet New-VMHostAccount to modify existing ESX account or add new account in this scenario.

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

For editing existing accounts you can use the combination Get-VmHostAccount -User MyUser| Set-VmHostAccount when connected directly to ESX.

For more details take a look at Get-Help Set-VmHostAccount -full.