Add VMware patch to HPE ESXi ISO File

Hi All,

We have downloaded HPE ESXi ISO File mentioned below.


We would like to add VMware patch( - Bulid Number 16075168) to HPE ISO so that we can upgrade the servers with only 1 single ISO file.

Could you please suggest the way to achieve this.

I have gone through couple of websites, but I have seen that from VMware Patch we can able to create an ISO.

But adding VMware patch to HPE ESXi ISO file I am not able to figure it out.

Please do let me know is there any way to achieve it from PowerCLI

Note: We have all HPE Gen 9 & Gen 10 Servers. So we would like to use only HPE ISO File and not VMware ISO file.

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Have you checked out section Adding VMware patches or hot fixes to the HPE Custom Image in Deploying and updating VMware vSphere on HPE ProLiant servers​?

It contains a scenario (with PowerCLI cmdlets).

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