VMware® NSX-T Reference Design

VMware® NSX-T Reference Design

Authors: VMware NSX Technical Product Management Team

This is the NSX-T Reference Design Page.

The latest doc updates are aligned to NSX version 4.1. Highlights include:

Technology overview chapters:

    • TEP HA (Ch3)
    • VPC/Projects (Ch2)
    • A/A Stateful Gateways (Ch4)
    • Bare Metal edge hardware recommendation (Ch8)
    • DPUs (Ch9)
    • Update VRF route leaking (Ch4)

Design Chapter (Ch7):

    • Projects
    • 1 VC to many NSX
    • MTU recommendation, Gateway vs. global MTU

Readers are encouraged to send feedback to NSXDesignFeedback_at_groups_vmware_com (replace at and underscores)

We will continue updating this document, so please re-download this document.

--The VMware NSX Product Management


thanks for this guys !

Will there be an update to this for 2.4?

This is being worked on and an update shall be released soon.

looking forward to it~

Great document. When is update expected for NSX-T 2.4 (or 2.5)?

We don't have an ETA yet, but it is being worked on.

The current revision of this paper was authored coming up on a year and a half ago. Until the next revision focusing on 2.4 is released, what are the biggest caveats of which to be aware in this document compared to the current version?

Some documents have been posted with some of the biggest differences: new unified appliance (NSX-T Manager Cluster External LB by NSX-T ) and Multi-site Lite (NSX-T Multisite Lite ). I would say another big difference that will probably be on the updated design guide is regarding N-VDS and transport zones design and mapping to physical NICs.

We are all eager and hoping the updated design guide is published soon.


Chapter 6.3.3, figure 6.8 vaguely suggests how other non NSX-T networks (like storage) can be run through the KVM N-VDS. Will the updated document include more details on this or can you provide details on what would be the vmware recommended or future-proof way to do it, as there are different options and all of them exposed to interfere with NSX-T own management of the N-VDS.


Bump.  Any update on the new documentation?

With all the changes in 2.4 I cannot believe that there is *still* no updated reference guide available. Makes life in the real world really hard. And some customers want to see such stuff too, otherwise they will not accept a given design.

At least the VVD has some tidbits in the Workload Domain section about T, though they do not cover it all or go into too much detail.

Is there any chance that there will be Reference Guide for 2.4 finally, or maybe only for 2.5?

Hard to convince customers to adopt T with that much delay, esp. in these times.


I concur, the design guide should be a living document that keeps up with the release cycle where appropriate.  It should be moved to docs.vmware.com and have a regular update same as the VVD.

The new design will likely be posted on first week of September, after the release of NSX-T 2.5. I appreciate all the ask from loyal customer.

Is there any news about the next release? September arrived Smiley Happy

You are right, we are waiting for NSX-T 2.5 release and it got delayed.  Very likely this week Smiley Happy. We are finishing last bit to error checking and update to guide.. Thanks for you patient and watching my promises Smiley Happy

The instructions in Appendix 3 have some errors.

Step 2.b should be modified to take the document output from step 2.a and modify the failure_domain_id and use that as the data for the PUT. You can use this jq query

fd_id="$fd_id" jq '.failure_domain_id = env.fd_id' transport-node-response.json

Step 3.a has "allocation_rules": [FD1], but it should be

allocation_rules=[ { "action" : { "enabled" : true, "action_type" : "AllocationBasedOnFailureDomain" } }]

If you're looking for a jq query to make the change you can use:

jq '.allocation_rules = [ { "action" : { "enabled" : true, "action_type" : "AllocationBasedOnFailureDomain" } }]' edge-cluster-response.json

Any news on the new Design Guide? Smiley Happy

It's been posted.

ah right! The guide version confused me (was expecting 2.5). Thank you for your prompt response! Smiley Happy


can you please produce epub version of the guide please?

Just wondering... if there are any plans to update the design guide to include NSX-T 3.0 released yesterday ?

Many thanks in anticipation!

Also looking forward to update to NSX-T 3.0

Adding my name to this list as well - eagerly looking forward to the update for NSX-T 3.0

Is NSX-T a replacement for NSX-V? is this a correct observation?

If you take a look at the Lifecycle Matrix you can see that NSX-v has its end of general support in January 2022, and there will be no further NSX-v releases. NSX-T is somehow its successor - same same but different. Not sure if I´d call it a replacement, but T is the way forward.

Any ETA on update for this design guide in including new features that come in NSX-T 3.0 ?

No news yet about version 3?

When is the Design Guide updated to 3.0 finally?

The GA of the product has been more than 4 months ago now. If VMware wants the customers to adapt the product, a current Reference Desgin Guide is mandatory. We are still deploying mostly 2.5 because the customers dont feel confident without an official design guidance confirming several critical design decisions - apart from missing guidance on newer features like VRF or Federation.

VMware, its about time to get a tad bit more agile in this topic, please!

Now is is released. Still no Design Guide. May be they are preparing it to the next version ? Possibly 4.0 )

It would be lovely if we could at least get a comment from someone at VMware about when or if we can expect an updated guide. I feel that the changes in 3.0 are enough to warrant an updated reference design for sure.

Word of the mouth from the last week - it will be really soon, it's in the validation phase.

We need to be patient little bit more.

Still waiting for version 3.x design guide

Any update on v3.0 Design Guide? The silence is deafening.

Hello Team ,

Is there a updated version for NSX 3.0 or should we use the same guide ?



Still waiting an update for NSX-T 3.x design guide

@dtokarev Thanks!


Is there a new update for NSX 3.2 with the new ATP features?



I think there is an error page 160 for Proxy ARP Support (Table 4-6).

In NSX 3.2 it is also supported for Active/Active Tier 0 .
See Release note: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-NSX/3.2/rn/vmware-nsxt-data-center-32-release-notes/index.html

Hello and thank you for This great guide.

Can we use this for NSX v.4? Is it applicable?

That would be interestign to know if this Guide is useful for NSX v4 deployments or if there are new recommendations.

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