NSX-v 6.3.x - Security Configuration Guide (Published version 2.1)

NSX-v 6.3.x - Security Configuration Guide (Published version 2.1)

This is the Version 2.1 of the VMware® NSX for vSphere Security Configuration Guide .

This guide provides prescriptive guidance for customers on how to deploy and operate VMware® NSX in a secure manner.

VMware NSX Congifuration Guide Authors: Pravin Goyal, Greg Christopher, Michael Haines, Roberto Mari, Kausum Kumar, Wade Holmes

Acknowledgements to the following contributors for reviewing and providing feedback to various sections of the document: Kausum Kumar, Roberto Mari, Scott Lowe, Ben Lin, Bob Motanagh, Dmitri Kalintsev, Greg Frascadore, Hadar Freehling,  Kiran Kumar Thota, Pierre Ernst, Rob Randell, Roie Ben Haim, Yves Fauser, Umar Saeed

Guide is provided in an easy to consume spreadsheet format, with rich metadata (i.e. similar to existing VMware vSphere Security Configuration Guides) to allow for guideline classification and risk assessment.

Feedback and Comments to the Authors and the NSX Solution Team can be posted as comments to this community Post (Note: users must login on vmware communities before posting a comment).

A related document covering fundamentals of how one can securely deploy network virtualization with NSX is the "Securing NSX for vSphere" posted at the Link: https://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-27674

--The VMware NSX Solution Team


The image shows communications between NSX Manager and NSX controller. There is no source / destination of NSX Manager and/or NSX controller.  How do these communicate?

Good Catch. We have updated with Controller to NSX Manager communication in the hardening guide.


thanks for this big effort fellows!!

Thank you very much

fantastic work

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