NSX-T 3.1 Multi-Location Design Guide (Federation + Multisite)

NSX-T 3.1 Multi-Location Design Guide (Federation + Multisite)

NSX-T 3.1 offers two technical solutions for Multi-Locations On-Prem Data Centers:

  • NSX-T Federation
  • NSX-T Multisite


This NSX-T 3.1 Multi-Location Design Guide offers guidance and best practices for Network & Security services in your On-Prem locations.




Note: This document may be updated in the future so always check you have the latest version. This version is 1.11 done on 06/08/2021.


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questions: "deactivate cluster" could be supported in 2.x? this will be a check box or something in the future,  meaning make it easy, os could be invoked thru API call? 

Yes "deactivate cluster" is also supported in NSX-T 2.x releases.

thanks man!

Question on multisite Management plane recovery with SRM (, option 2 - SRM):

I am assuming that on p.44 the document talks about vSphere replication, quote: "SRM replicates it to the secondary location at specific intervals (default 1 hour and minimum is 5 minutes)".

Also it looks like NSX-T 3.1 documentation no longer mentions the guideline of disabling vSphere snapshots on the NSX-T Manager VM.

Would this mean that NSX-T management cluster nodes in 3.1 can support some level of asynchronous replication / restore? Would vSphere Replication be supported (since it can not provide consistency / synchronicity across multiple replicated VMs) in the SRM scenario mentioned above?

Thank you so much .


You are correct about the SRM / vSphere Replication comment. I just fixed it in the lasted Design Guide.

And about your asynchronous replication question, you're also correct. It's supported since NSX-T 3.0.2 (https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-NSX-T-Data-Center/3.0/administration/GUID-F3A0A27E-88C0-4A64-8754-....



Dimitri, your link is broken.



@CyberNils Can you try again?

Still not working. The ) is included in the link address, so I think you must remove that.

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