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what is this problem about coredns creating fail??


I intergrated nsx-t with k8s.

but There was a problem.

When I saw "kubectl get pods --all-namespaces"

I could see coredns was still creating.

but It could not finish until server minutes.

So I checked "kubectl describe pod/coredns-xxx namespace=kube-system

There was error message like below

Failed create pod sandbox: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to set up sandbox container "8206b157f923c50465cd54bb3ecf8cd5f237eb6f476d25dc36846078f1cafdfa" network for pod "coredns-5c98db65d4-88477": NetworkPlugin cni failed to set up pod "coredns-5c98db65d4-88477_kube-system" network: failed to find plugin "loopback" in path [/opt/cni/bin]

I guess It is related to cni error. But I don't know exactly.

What is the problem??ans How can I fix it??

Here is my system information

nsx 2.4.1

docker 18.09.7

kubernetes 1.15.3

nsx cni 2.5.0

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You are running a version of K8s that is not supported by NSX-T 2.5 container plugin. I would begin with fixing that.


Best regards, Rutger
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