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vmk interface can ping each other between ESXs, but vm can't ping each other


vm1 ------------- esx1 ---------------------- ESX1 ----------- physical switch --------- ESX2 ----------- esx2 -------------------- vm2       vmk:                                                                                              vmk:

esx1 as a VM of ESX1

esx2 as a VM of ESX2

esx1 vmk interface is vxlan, IP:

esx2 vmk interface is vxlan, IP:


esx1 vmk could ping esx2 vmk

but vm1 can't ping vm2, why?


When vm1 ping vm2, I can capture the arp request packet send by vm1 on ESX1 vmnic, the packet has encapsulate vxlan header. The outer dest IP is

But on ESX2 vmnic, I can't capture the arp request packet with vxlan header.

When esx1 vmk ping esx2 vmk, the packet source IP is and dest IP is; when vm1 ping vm2, the arp request packet source IP is also and dest IP is

Why the vm1 can't ping vm2?

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Have you set the do not fragment flag and size to 1572 to ensure MTU is good on the underlay?

ping ++netstack=vxlan -I vmkX y.y.y.y -d -s 1572

X = vmk interface #

y.y.y.y = remote vtep IP address

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