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vSphere with Tanzu and NSXT CIRDs routed overlap GW ip

Hi there folks,


I have a kind of issue and need somebody to chide me on this, I have a deployment of vSphere with Tazu and the networking is made by NSX-T, so I create a T0 and T1 is being configured thru API call from the wizard, so my question is if this wizard takes the .1 IP address and the GW is defined in the routing peering on the physical side how can be possible to change or handle this? do I have today to the networking guy hey delete the GW and give the governance of this flooring Ip segments (Egress and Ingress) and from there just set up a static route to let the physical network know how to reach this network so that I would be able to change or use .1 on CIDRs on wizard of SCVM? or there is about there a magic trick that I'm missing? 


PD I also tried to segment the CIDRs but using this I can not reach the network segment since again in an infinity loop from the wizard for SCVM it took the first IP that corresponds to GW and then this guys needs to set the GW in the physical gear and then this is overlapped and then everyone is unhappy.☹️


thanks in advance!

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