offsite Horizon Desktop access a 'accessing a local IP address

I have no idea what to call this but I'm hoping a few smart people can point me in the right direction.

What must be done to have Site A see an IP address at Site B?

I would like to visit (Site A) and connect to a Horizon View Desktop, in a different location (Site B).

How can I have the horizon desktop at (Site B) SEE and have bi-directional communication with a 'local ip address' at (Site A) ?

This is special software that communicates with Grand Format Printers.

As an example, with Epson Printers, I can install a generic text printer driver, setup with the IP port of the printer and redirect that driver to the VM and the Application can SEE, Status, Ink Levels, Paper config, etc. And of course the Application can Spool jobs to the device.

Some devices don't work with Printer Drivers and need to communicate directly with the Device, via IP. 


Another way of saying this is, Go to work and connect to a machine in your home lab. Now how can you have a Lab application SEE an IP address at work.



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