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we have deployed nsx-t 2.1 but it dashboard showing all transport node down status, what could be the reason?

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NSX-T roubleshooting Guide, checking the nsxa or nsx-mpa status and logs could be helpful, is there specific errors that provide more detail:


Check the Transport Node Status


Make the following API call to get the state of the transport node.

GET https://<nsx-mgr>/api/v1/transport-nodes/<transport-node-ID>/state

If the call returns the error RPC timeout, perform the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Run /etc/init.d/nsxa status to see if nsxa is running.
  • Run /etc/init.d/nsx-mpa status to see if nsx-mpa is running.
  • To see if nsx-mpa is connected to the NSX Manager, check the nsx-mpa heartbeat logs.
  • To see if nsxa is connected to the NSX Manager, check the nsxa log. You will see the following message if nsxa is connected to the NSX Manager.NSXA_LOG(LVL_INFO, "[%s] Connected to mpa, cookie:[%d]\n", __func__ , _mpaCookieId );https://opengrok.eng.vmware.com/source/xref/nsx.git/mpa/clients/nsxa/src/core/mpaClient.cpp#419
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  • Check to see if nsxa crashed while executing HostConfigMsg.
  • To see if the RMQ messages are taking a long time to be delivered to the host, compare the timestamps of log messages on the NSX Manager and the host.

If the call returns the error partial_success, there are many possible causes. Start by looking at the nsxa logs. On the ESXi host, check hostd.log and vmkernel.log. On KVM, syslogholds all the logs.

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