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no NSX Manager in vSphere web client


I've installed and used NSX Manager 6.1 for several days. Even had some time to install and configure nsx controller.

Several days later I've lost NSX Manager in vSphere web client.

I rebooted NSX Manager several times without any success.

From NSX Manager point of view it seems to be ok.

I'm login as administrator@vsphere.local.

Where can I begin troubleshooting?

Any advices please!


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I had similar issue. When I installed NSX manager and configured NSX manager Network and Security icon was showing up and everything was fine. 

After few days when I logged in to the vCenter - Network and Security icon did not show up in the vCenter. When I logged into NSX manager, it was working fine. It showed the inventory services and connection with vCenter as green and everything was connected successfully. I tried to restart the vCenter that did not help. Then I restarted the NSX manager and that did fix it for me. I am on vCenter 5.5 U1 and NSX 6.2.3.

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