how to load balance web URL


I am new to NSX, hence putting this query.

I want to load balance the web URL using NSX edge load balancer for both internal as well as external requests.

How do I do it.

Any detailed clarity would help to understand.

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The loadbalancer configurations is similar to any other hard ware load-balancer's like F5 LTM or Netscaler.

Below are the things you need to consider for configuring the Load Balancer in NSX

1. Edge Gateway devices will be configured for the Load balancing functionality.

     - It supports 2 types. (One Arm Load balancer & Inline Load balancer)

     - Choose the method which suits your environment & requirement.

2. The load balancer status needs to enabled in the Edge Gateway global configuration.

3. You need to configure the service monitoring, pools (server pools), virtual servers (VIP which load balances the servers in the pool). In case if you are using to load balance https traffic you need to configure the required certificates.

The below link explains with screen shot how to configure the load balancer in one arm mode.

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Hello, this guide should help:

If you need any additional clarification or help after going through the above guide, let us know. All the best!

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I am sharing with you resource link where you can get all process to load balance web URL using NSX, Here the resource link - NSX 6 Documentation Center this tutorial will cover these topics

  • Set Up Load Balancing
  • Working with Application Profiles
  • Working with Service Monitors
  • Working with Server Pools
  • Working with Virtual Servers
  • Working with Application Rules - VMware Certification
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