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I am trying to perform failure test for esxi clusters, we have vsan/nsx combination. Can someone provide me test scenarios ?

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Some NSX tests may be as follows: (Links may be helpful on howto and expected results)

  1. Failure of NSX Manager Test
  2. Edge HA Faiover Test
    1. http://cloudmaniac.net/force-ha-failover-on-nsx-edges/
    2. https://nsxtech.net/2014/09/20/understanding-high-availability-on-the-nsx-edge-services-gateway/
  3. Active Edge Device Failure Test (rebooting the Active Edge)

DLR Control VM

  1. Active DLR Control VM  Ha Failover Test
  2. Active DLR Control VM Failure Test
  3. Anti-Affinity Rules of Controllers (All 3 should reside on different hosts)
  4. Controller Cluster (CDO Controller Disconnect Operation Mode may be helpful:


    1. Failure  of 1 Controller
    2. Failure of 2 Controllers
    3. Failure of 3 controllers



  • ESX vDS Uplink Failure for VTEP Vmkernel Interfaces (MTU, VTEP Vlan Tagging on Physical Uplink Misconfiguration)
  • Lun Failure test for NSX Controllers (All 3 should be on seperate LUNS)
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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

@canero has provided some usefull tips for NSX component testing. Adding few more with a combination of NSX&VSAN.

From storage perspective for NSX component testing

> NSX Edges , DLR Control VM deployed on different datastore , if you have ECMP ,deploy the edges on different storage tiers and create a test case for lun failures . Also remember vsan datastore is a single entity so redeployment is required incase of vsan datastore failures.

> If you are protecting NSX manager using BCDR solution(2 site VSAN), you should test the BCDR solution . For eg : SRM with vSphere replication .Upon failure of a Primary NSX Manager and/or Universal Controller Cluster, the Cross vCenter NSX can be recovered without any loss of configuration data also test full failure scenario and check N-S traffic path when workloads are fully recovered at protected site.

> For VSAN with NSX , you can test disk,host,rack,DCI,Site failure scenarios based on your VSAN design and FTT.

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