adding firewall rules via REST API


I am looking into adding firewall rules to a given section using the REST API, but do not see how to control the placement of the new rule.  It always places it at the top of the section in question.  I see no way to move the rule around subsequently via the API either.  In the UI one has control over where the new rule is placed, and one can also move it around afterwards.  However in the API I do not see how to do this.

Note that the REST API for adding new firewall rules to a particular Edge Service Gateway instance supported the ability to either append it to the bottom of the list, or add it above an existing rule.  It seems very odd that this flexibility is available for perimeter rules but not distributed layer rules. 

Anyone know a way around this?  The expectation seems to be that a given section in the firewall rules list always contains a block of rules whose ordering doesn't matter.  That seems like a very poor assumption however.  It certainly does not apply in our case.



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