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Which NSX API should I use?

The NSX Manager has a Transport Node Profile on the Fabric > Host side of the Cluster.

If I remove the server from vCenter, which is the connected Compute manager, perform the remove NSX configuration in the NSX manager.
At this time, NSX remove is done in the Standalone tab, not the Cluster tab in the Fabric> Host menu.

 Do I have an NSX API to check if this NSX remove is complete?


What I need is an NSX API, not a command.

I already know that I can run and check the command below.

esxcli software vib list ⁇ grep -E 'nsx'

And in the NSX API, GET / transport-nodes /{transportnode-id}/ state

is the state value pending, in_progress, success, failed, partial_success, orphaned, unknown

I can check the install and see the results,
I can not use it in Remove.


Please let me know if you know NSX API ~

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Do I correctly understand that you want to verify if a transport node has been removed from the fabric? Or do you want to check if NSX was outright uninstalled from the machine?

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