VXLAN propagation inter-clusters

Hi people! I've got a quiestion quite simple I think, but it comes from my inexperience in vxlans and networking.

In a productive infra I need to configure a disastre recovery site and I was thinking in nsx to maintains the ip in my vms.

1 vcenter:

SITE A virtual DC

cluster (3 hosts)


nsx manager


VLAN 1 --> used as vxlan transport

SITE B virtual DC

cluster (3 hosts)

VLAN 2 --> used as vxlan transport

in SITE A cluster is not presented VLAN2 and in SITE B cluster is not presented VLAN1viceversa. Both VLANs are routed fisically.

I need to move mvs from cluster A to cluster B but I need to keep the IP addres. There is any way to acomplish this? I already bdiged the vlan A to a vxlan in a logical switch but I don't know how to transport this vlan to cluster 2 to keep the IP address, I suppose that need to use an universal logial router but I can´t find the way to keep the IP.


PD: Sorry for my english.

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VMware Employee

By any chance storage is stretched ? If your VXLAN is stretched across these two sites(One Transport Zone) - a)If it is single VC , logical switch across these cluster b)Cross VC - Universal Logical Switches across these two clusters is enough for VM migration from webclient . However if it is Cross VC,ensure both the VC are in same SSO domain . l2Vpn is another option,but i don't recommend that for just migration purpose.

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Layer-2 bridging is not designed for DCI (Data center Inter connectivity). Please do not use this option.

I see you are using single vCenter to manage cluster in both sites. You just need to add cluster from site-2 to the site-1 transport zone. This allow Logical switches to span across the clusters in both the sites. But before you do that, please enable routing between VLAN1 and VLAN2. I'm assuming VLAN1 and VLAN2 are your VTEP Segments.

After you enable these settings, do some basic testing.

As Sreec​ mentioned you need some form of storage replication to move VMs between sites. You can always use vSphere replication.

I suppose that need to use an universal logial router but I can´t find the way to keep the IP.

I suggest you go via path when you have multiple vCenter.

Hope it helps you and others you might be planning similar projects.

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