VXLAN configuration failes with The object or item referred to could not be found


Clean vCenter 6.7 build 15976728, NSX Manager, ESXi 6.7 15160138 (diskless hosts, autodeploy configured). I'm installing this environment to build a vCloud Director 10 environment, but vCloud is not installed yet since I first wanted to have vCenter and NSX working.

When I go into the vCenter -> Networking and Security and then to my cluster -> host prepartion, I see that the three hosts I have deployed are available. They show the NSX installation is ok (, firewall enabled, communication channels are UP and vmkNIC is empty. Next I go to configure VXLAN and enter the desired values. Next I can see that on the dvSwitch a new portgroup is created "vxw-vmknicPg-dvs-58-1204-79115cb2-717e-4ef7-8cfd-d5702f11638e" for the VXLAN. But next I get a number of error messages and it seems the VTEP vmkernel port can't be created:

"Add virtual NIC  -->>  The object or item referred to could not be found."

This happens on all the hosts.

I found one thing but can't explain it. When I install one of the hosts on local disk (instead of autodeploy - PXE boot), the VXLAN wizard is able to create the VTEP vmkernel port on the host. Just that host not the other hosts.

The user account that is trying to configure the VMkernel port is administrator@vsphere.local, so that shouldn't be the issue.

I'm aware that AFTER VXLAN is configured, you should reconfigure the host profiles and exclude certain parts, but since I can't get VXLAN configured and the VTEP vmkernel interface isn't created, I'm not at that point yet.

I've been in contact with VMware Support about the issue (Support Request # 20120222104) but since it is an installation issue, it is priority 4 and therefore there is only little progress (which I understand). So i'm also reaching out here.

Any tips?


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I think you should check this link VMware Knowledge Base

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