VMs cannot communicate via DLR and VLANs


I have a very simple topology but I can't make it work, please help!

I have a DLR with two internal interfaces connected to vDS VLANs.

I also have two VMs connected to that VLANs (DLR interface addresses are default gateways for VM). There are no vxlan configured, and all VLANs are created on vDS and physical switch.

The problem is:

Then they all (DLR and VMs) reside on the same ESX host - everything is working correctly.

Then VMs are on the host 1 and DLR control VM is on the host 2 - no ping between VMs (reply from default gateway address - host is unreachable).

Then I create vxlan and chande vlan to vxlan - - everything is working correctly again!

Finally, if I connect two VMs to one VLAN and place them on different hosts - they also can communicate.

Why VMs and DLR placed on different hosts cannot communicate?

Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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Maybe is an issue of the DLR configuration on the ESXi.

Connect to the ESXi and:

List the instances of LDR

net-vdr --instance -l

You will get an edgename, run the next command:

net-vdr --lif -l EDGENAME

Then run:

net-vdr -R -l EDGENAME

You should see the configuration that you have done for that DLR. If there is NO DLR or no interface information on the DLR, try doing a netcpad restart.

/etc/init.d/netcpad restart

Hope that helps!


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