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VCP6-NV Audio Material

Hi all

I have just this week started studying for the VCP6-NV using VMware very own certification guide, the issue is when I am travelling I don't always have the capability to read a book and would like to listen to some audio therefore my question is are there any VCP6-NV (uptodate) audio channels / study guides that I can access / download and listen to as opposed to just reading material that will assist me in my studies? I travel a fair bit so it would be good to have both avenues but the audio must also be extremely indepth as per the study guide.


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

I don't know about any audio material, but here are some useful resources for your VCP-NV certification.

I hope they help.

Good luck.

VCP6-NV Practice Test

VCP6-NV Exam Blue Print

NSX 6.0 Fundamentals Class (Free online Self Paced)
Very good self paced training. It is also a prerequisite for the VCA6-NV exam. VCA exam is an online exam.


Thanks Andrew for the links and info, most of those I've already seen but very useful - it is a shame that you cannot download the Fundamentals online course to view offline, that would be really useful.

As a side note I ended up downloading the vBrownBag podcasts for NCP-NV, its a year old or so but it will do for now.

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