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Unable to see open Velo tickets on my account

Hi VM Support Team,

I am unable to look any open ticket in VM support request history, i can see only closed tickets, kindly do the needful to look all the tickets . my Entitlement Account 579712866 AT&T


Moniruzzaman Gazi


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I understand that you're having trouble viewing all the support tickets, including open tickets, in your VMware support request history. To access your open tickets and resolve this issue, you should follow these steps:

1. **Log into My VMware:**
- Go to the My VMware portal: https://my.vmware.com/
- Sign in using your VMware account credentials. This account should have the appropriate permissions and entitlements to view your support tickets.

2. **Access Support Requests:**
- Once you're logged in, locate and click on the "Support Requests" or "My Support Requests" section. This should take you to a list of your support requests, both open and closed.

3. **Filter and Sort:**
- By default, the support request list may show only the most recent requests, including closed tickets. Look for options to filter or sort the list to view open tickets specifically.

4. **Check Support Request Status:**
- Review the status of each support request in the list. Open tickets should have a status that indicates they are still in progress or open.

5. **Contact VMware Support (if needed):**
- If you are still unable to locate your open tickets or have any concerns, it's advisable to contact VMware Support directly. They can assist you in finding and managing your support requests.

6. **Verify Entitlement:**
- Ensure that your VMware account is associated with the correct entitlement account (in your case, 579712866 AT&T). If there are any discrepancies or issues with your entitlement, this could affect your ability to view support tickets.

7. **Check Account Permissions:**
- Verify that your VMware account has the appropriate permissions to access and view support tickets associated with your entitlement account.

If you're unable to find your open support tickets despite following these steps, reaching out to VMware Support directly is your best course of action. They can assist you in resolving any account-related issues and help you access the information you need regarding your open support requests.

VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Note that this is a user forum, not an official channel to contact VMware Support.

You might need to go here: https://www.vmware.com/support/contacts/


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