Went to log into a clients NSX Manager today to start Micro-Seg, and it had an "Unexpected Inconsistency: run fsck Manually" error!  That doesn't sound good.  I have found a solution on other blogs about boot the NSX Manager to an UBUNTU iso, and cleaning up the filesystem using the SUDO....command.

I have created a ticket with tech support about this.

I wanted to get your thoughts as well.  Any special tricks out there?

AND NO!  There are no backups!!!  I tried but they didn't want to create a backup solution at that time.  Hopefully they will now.

Thanks for your help!


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The best idea would be to restore from the backup, but if not possible fsck and checking services after rebooting the VM may solve the problem.

After running the fsck from the livecd it may be helpful to check if all the NSX Manager services  (vPostgres, RabbitMQ andNSX Manager) have started and NSX Manager has connected to vCenter.

NSX Manager boot fail with partition unexpected inconsistency

Also checking the LUN that NSX Manager is located in against errors, and checking if NSx Manager running with snapshot could be helpful.

For the procedure of fsck detailed steps

NSX Manager CLI has shutdown command that halts the filesystem before powering off, so if poweroff is needed this command could be used in order to poweroff, similarly reboot command reboots halting the filesystem.

shutdown In Privileged mode, the shutdown command powers off the virtual machine.

reboot Reboots an NSX virtual appliance. Synopsis reboot CLI Mode Privileged

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