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Tunnel geneve between edge and host ? need it?

Hello guys

I am testing l2 Bridging but doesn't work even if all configuration seems good

One thing I didn't understand is what is tunnel geneve between edge and host? currently it's down statue 

What is this tunnel role? and shoud be up for l2 bridging? 

I tested to using same vlan for host and edge but 

between host : tunnel up

between edge : tunnel up

between host and edge : tunnel down

Could you give me some advice for th

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Yes, you need that tunnel up. Read this to understand why:


Often the tunnel is down if you have MTU mismatch between the TEP VLANs. You need at least 1600 bytes MTU between them, depending on your configuration. If you have different VLAN IDs for Edge TEP and Host TEP they need to be routed externally. If you use the same VLAN ID other requirements apply.

Nils Kristiansen